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Starship Disaster Adverted in Kizk'-Kar by Chance

Zik-Kit Planet, Kizk'-Kar System - Disaster was narrowly avoided aboard Zek-kit Trading Station on Fifthday when the atomic engines on-board the interstellar freighter "Hopeful Dividends" owned by Dofo Moorell [Dn].

Zik-Kit Planet
The atomic engines experienced an anomaly at 0457 while docked inside the station making a freight delivery. This unidentified anomaly caused the engine to rapidly overheat. Safety precautions on the ship were activated, but the overheating continued.

Zek-kit personell placed the station on Alert Orange status despite pleas from Moorell. Tugs pulled the overheating ship away where the engines ship exploded harmlessly. The elapsed time for the event was 15 minutes.


Star Frontiers Rules

Name: Hopeful Dividends
Type: Freighter
Owner: Dofo Moorell, Independent
Hull Size: 12
Hull Points: 65
ADF: 3
MR: 2
DCR: 56
Weapons: None
Defenses: RH, MSx2


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